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Commercial Charbroilers

Charbroilers often called chargrills, grills, or broilers, are a staple in any cooking environment whether residential or commercial. They are a great way to improve the flavor of your dishes by charring items to sear in flavors while also producing aesthetically pleasing grill marks. We sell a variety of grills from light-duty residential models to heavy-duty commercial appliances available in electric or gas and lava rock or radiant. With a variety of top name brands to choose from at prices to fit your budget, you're sure to find the right char-broiler to fit your various kitchen needs.

Which is better, radiant or lava rock?

Depending on your application and use depends on which model will be better for you and your restaurant. Lava rock char-broilers use ceramic stones, these rocks can hold flavors of the food you cook and can transfer it to other foods sometimes yielding better taste. However lava rock models require more cleaning than their counter part. Radiant char-broilers use metal or cast iron radiants that evenly distribute heat generated by the burner and can be easier to clean since the radiants angle oil and grease away from the burner.

Should I use electric or gas?

Electric models aren't as common as gas but they can get the job done just the same. Whether you're looking to go green or just save some extra money on your gas bill, an electric char-broiler could be the right choice for your establishment. Electric radiant models come in countertop and drop in for your customizing needs.

What styles of charbroilers are there?

There are countertop that can be placed on top of other equipment to save space, countertop drop-in that can cater to unique obstacles, floor models that can come with legs or casters, and outdoor models are available as well.

Why do BTU's matter?

Knowing the BTU's could possibly help tell you how much propane you might use in an hour. The BTU isn't necessarily how hot the unit will get but instead the power you can expect from every 12-inches of burners per hour. Lower BTU's could save you energy costs while higher BTU's can stand up to a high-demand work environment.

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