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Commercial Hot Plates

Hot Plates are a great way to take cooking demonstrations on the road. Available in countertop and built in models, there is a hot plate that works for your restaurant or food service operation. Mostly in countertop models, they come in lengths between 12" and 5'. Hot plates are a great way to take cooking on the road, or a quick way to heat up small dishes in the kitchen. Step-Up Gas Hot Plates help you organize your kitchen in ways no other products can with the rear row easier to reach due to the step up design.

Should I use a Hot Plate?

Hot plates are a great way to keep items ready to go. Use a hot plate to keep prepared items within safe temperature ranges, and also delicious for when it's time to be served. Great for almost anything, hot plates are an easy way to keep liquids, soups, or other items at the ready.

What kinds are there?

Hot plates are available in either gas or electric design, and with single or multiple burners. Gas hot plates are also available in step-up design. Step-up design hot plates have a rear burner or burners that are raised slightly higher than those in front. This design gives you easier access to items in the back without reaching over hot or tall pots that are in the way.

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