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Commercial Freezers

Freezers are an important part of any kitchen. We offer freezers in a variety of capacities, number of doors, type of doors, and compressor locations. Let us help you find the perfect freezer to meet your needs.

What are some considerations to take when buying a Commercial Freezer?

Some of the biggest considerations that should be made when shopping for a Commercial Freezer as size and placement. It is important to plan out where the unit will be placed so you can choose the proper sized unit and place it with room to breathe. Placement also helps you determine what kind of door swing you will need so the flow of work is not stopped by an awkwardly moving door.

Can I save on energy costs with certain types of Commercial Freezers?

Absolutely. There are several ways to cut energy costs with your Commercial Freezer. Consider Energy Star rated units to be sure you're getting the best unit for this purpose and consider units with solid and split doors. Solid doors can hold in the cool air better and split doors allow easy access to products with minimal energy loss that can be associated with full sized doors. The location of the compressor can also effect energy efficiency. Top mounted compressors generate heat away from the cold zone, making the process more efficient than bottom compressors.

Can Commercial Freezers be placed without clearance?

Technically they can but it is best not to do so. It is more efficient to place the unit with at least 3" of clearance on each side, including the back. Doing so will allow air to flow properly, meaning the refrigeration coils will be properly cooled and the compressor will not have to work so hard, adding life to your unit.

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