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Commercial Worktop Freezers and Refrigeration

Finding cold or frozen storage while not giving up necessary work space is a dilemma that many establishments face. Worktop Refrigeration Units offer a solution to such a problem by holding refrigerated or frozen items while also supplying a sturdy worktop. Please read our FAQ below to find helpful information relating to Worktop Refrigeration.

How are Worktop units different than undercounter units?

Worktop Refrigeration units provide you with an area to work on rather than sit under existing area, allowing you to add refrigeration and counter space without giving up dry storage. It's an excellent choice for establishments that want to maximize their use of space.

How much clearance should I have for a Worktop Freezer or Refrigerator?

This depends on the type of worktop refrigeration unit you have. Some units are front breathing and therefore easier to place against walls and other appliances. If you do not have a front breathing unit it is best to consult the owner's manual on how much clearance is ideal for that particular unit to eliminate the risk of malfunctioning and costly repairs.

Where can a Worktop Freezer or Refrigerator be used?

Worktop refrigeration units are great for all types of establishments. Restaurants can benefit from them because it keeps ingredients close, it makes working at a concession area or even within the home a breeze because you have instant extra space to work with as well as refrigeration.

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