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Glass Door Merchandisers

Cool out! Glass Door Merchandisers allow you to show off your products to your customers while still keeping them cool or frozen. Whether you fill them with yogurt, milk, ice, wine, flowers, or beer, these merchandisers are easy on the eyes and cool to the touch.

What kind of Merchandiser is right for my establishment?

Merchandisers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and have different purposes. To figure out what merchandiser is best for your establishment, determine what will be stored in it, how accessible you want it to be, and how much room you have to store it. If you're selling milk it's unlikely you will use an ice merchandiser or a freezer merchandiser. So, your needs are mostly determined by your product.

Is an Open Display Merchandiser better than one with a door?

That depends on your needs and how you are selling your product. Open Display Merchandisers offer the convenience of grab-and-go, making them great for everywhere from grocery stores to college cafeterias, but will cost the extra energy that it will take to keep the items cold. You must also consider where to put it, as any direct sunlight or being near a heating source would be less than ideal. If sales outweigh the extra costs enough to eliminate concern then it is a good choice.

Are a Freezer Merchandiser and Ice Merchandiser the same thing?

No, Freezer Merchandisers generally run much cooler than Ice merchandisers at or around -10 F. Ice Merchandisers usually hold temperatures around 20-25 F so the ice does not become blocky and too difficult to separate. Freezer Merchandisers are ideal for frozen food items such as ice cream and frozen dinners.

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