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Gyro Machines

Gyro Machines, or Vertical Broilers are designed for display cooking in fast food and Mediterranean restaurants. They are made to broil perfectly crisp, juicy, flavorful meat cones for gyros and other menu items. Burkett Restaurant Equipment carries brands such as Optimal and Star Manufacturing in both gas and electric models.

What is a Gyro machine?

A Gyro machine broils meats on a rotating spit, cooking vertically, and is used to produce meat for gyro sandwiches and platters. Gyro meat is usually a meat product consisting of a flavorful beef and lamb combination, or sometimes chicken. Gyro sandwiches are made with this meat, usually with lettuce, tomato and onion, and a creamy sauce known as tzatziki, wrapped in pita bread.

What kinds of Gyro machines are there?

Gyro machines are available in either electric or gas designs. Generally, gas models use actual flames to cook the meat whereas electric models use a heating coil, much similar to a toaster.
The machines are designed to accommodate different amounts of meat, according to the volume of the restaurant serving them.

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