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Heat Lamps

Items that have been cooked need to stay cooked for both health and taste reasons. Heat lamps help your restaurant to keep prepared items above the required temperature, holding them in a hot pan or plate until you put them on the table. Great for chicken nuggets, fries, and other items cooked in batches and served in small portions, heat lamps are designed to take the work out of cooking by allowing batch preparation. Our heat lamps come in varying sizes from 24 inch to 60 inch models, as well as from 1 to 8 bulbs, to suit your kitchen's specific needs.

How long will it keep food warm?

Heat lamps are not designed to hold food at temperature for long periods of time. They are designed to keep dishes fresh until food leaves the kitchen. The heat they generate is enough to cover small batches of food, such as appetizers, side dishes, baked goods, and carving stations. If you need heating power, consider a Commercial Bar Heater (Also known as a Commercial Strip Heater.)

Does it come with bulbs?

Yes, heat lamps usually come with bulbs. The bulbs are typically 250-watt clear heat bulbs, but there are also different types of bulbs that can be purchased. Check with the particular vendor to see what type of bulbs are accepted with their units.

Do I have to hard wire it?

A majority of our Commercial Heat Lamps donít require any wiring work to get them set-up. Heat Lamps can be plugged into a standard outlet, allowing them to be functional in a variety of spaces.

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