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Hobart has been supplying food service equipment for over 100 years; founded in 1897, they had the first self-contained powered coffee mill. The company progressed through the years improving their mixers, expanding their business, and moving to new territories. In 1990 they announced a contest for the second time; "Oldest Running Hobart Mixer" and had over 6,000 entries arrive. The winner from Fort Smith, AR, won with a C-210 mixer sold in 1919. In November 2000 the "West Wing" TV series aired and Hobart was asked to supply the highest quality equipment for the cafeteria. Since 2001 Hobart has included built-in antimicrobial product protection in food equipment. In 2002 they received the Award of Excellence from the American Culinary Institute for their dough mixer. In 2005 the Legacy Mixer and the Opti-Rinse System was chosen as the winner of the Kitchen Innovations Award. In 2006 Hobart earns the overall "Best in Class" by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, six straight years in a row.

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