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Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

Ice cream dipping cabinets keep your frozen treats at perfect serving temps for your customers. These display your ice cream, frozen novelties, and other delicious treats for your patrons. An ice cream dipping cabinet is great for ice cream shops, concessions stands, cafes and make a great addition to any restaurant. Burkett Restaurant Equipment offers premiere brands such as True, Turbo Air, Master-bilt, and more!

Are these units specifically designed for ice cream?

These units are best for ice cream use. Ice cream has a harder texture and is best served at colder temperatures, making these cabinets designed to adhere to those factors. Other frozen treats such as gelato and frozen yogurt have a softer texture, allowing them to be served at a slightly higher temperature.

How much product can these units hold?

The capacity of these units are generally provided in reference to ice cream containers. Ice cream dipping cabinets typically hold between 3 to 30 cans of ice cream between the display and storage areas. Be sure to check unitís spec sheet for exact capacity.

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