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Salamanders & Cheesemelters

Salamanders and Cheesemelters are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a kitchen. From extremely rare to extra crispy, these broilers can cook steaks, seafood, chicken and many other types of dishes in a controlled area that can be tailored to your specific tastes. No matter what your kitchen's needs are, Burkett has you covered with premier brands such as; Vulcan, Star, APW, and more.

What is the difference between a salamander and a cheesemelter?

  • Cheesemelters are only finishing ovens whereas the salamander can be used as both a finishing oven and a cooking oven.
  • Cheesemelters have a lower heat than salamanders. Because they’re being used as a cooking oven and a finishing oven, the salamanders can get quite hot.
  • Salamanders generally use infrared elements, whereas cheesemelters usually use a ceramic element.
  • Do I need a hood?

    For cheesemelters, a hood is not necessary. Salamanders reach a higher heat and actually cook food so, you probably will. Check your local codes and regulations to be sure.

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