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Company Values


To be the most trusted name in foodservice.


To make it easy for our customers to create the best dining experience for their customers.


Wear Your Customer Hat

We believe in delivering a customer experience worth talking about. The best way to deliver a great experience is with great service. We work to understand our customers' business, so that we can use our team's extensive industry knowledge to exceed customer expectations. Everyone on the Burkett team is expected to take a step back and consider how every decision we make affects all of our internal and external customers. At Burkett, everyone is in customer service.

Develop Open And Honest Relationships

We know that best way to build strong relationships with people is through honesty and respect. We listen; we are friendly; we are realistic, but optimistic. By building strong relationships with our internal team, external partners and customers, we make work a better place for us all. We also know how important it is to share often. We don't assume people understand our processes. We share the "what" and the "when" when it's necessary, but more importantly, we share the "why." At Burkett we listen not to prepare a reply, but so that we can understand.

Drive Change And Innovation

When working at a growing company there is one thing we must always be ready for. Change. Our team thrives on change. We ask for change. We know that the best way to serve our customers and to make our work lives happier is to help improve a process, build new services and cultivate new ideas. We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere in the company. Every idea in the company needs to move outwards and upwards so that we can spread the best ideas to every department. We are never satisfied with the status quo.

Do More With Less

Our teams strive for simplicity and the elimination of waste so that we can focus on what really matters - the customer. We believe in pushing for simplicity every single day. Seven steps are better than ten.

Build Fun And Positive Teams

The easiest way to have a job you love is to have an incredible team. At Burkett our best teams start with positivity. Every member strives to eliminate cynicism. Every team member rejects gossip and encourages peers to bring issues up with leadership. Negatives go up and positives go all around. Our best teams support each other when someone needs help personally or professionally. We congratulate successes. We console losses. Our best teams have a foundation of friendship. We laugh together, learn together and build long lasting relationships.

Pursue Growth And Learning

Each of us find our own way to learn and grow. Our team recognizes that and will find ways to encourage and help everyone follow their own career paths. We know that a strong company requires that each of us grow and improve ourselves over time. We also know that growth happens as a partnership between the company and the team member. At Burkett we celebrate personal growth.

It's Your Company, Build It

Our company is a reflection of our team. Where our company goes from here is up to each and every one of us. We believe in an entrepreneurial spirit and in empowering our employees as part of a trust building process internally and with our customers and partners. We believe that excellence in our finances, processes and planning is another way we serve our customers. We approach each problem not by asking who is to blame, but by asking "What can I do to help?"