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Burkett Low Price Guarantee - Shop With Confidence

At Burkett, you can shop with confidence and know you will get the best service in the industry, access to trained foodservice experts, and the best prices. If you find a lower delivered price from another authorized Foodservice Distributor for the exact same product, we will match their price before you order. Call us now at 855-224-2079 to learn more.

How our Low Price Guarantee Works:

  • 1 Get a Quote:

    If you find a qualifying lower price from an authorized dealer, send us their quote including the cost of shipping. Burkett accepts website URLs, prices quoted in emails, and written quotes.
  • 2 Contact Burkett:

    Give us a call! (855-224-2079) Or email our sales department at sales@burkett.com to submit your price match request. Please have the following information ready to submit with your request:
    • Item Name and Number
    • Name of Competitor
    • Price + Shipping from Competitor's quote

For purposes of comparing prices, the price ("Price") is defined as the total quoted price of the item including shipping costs. The Price shall not include discounts from loyalty and/or membership programs. Price shall not include shipping discounts from a membership program such as Amazon Prime. In addition, the Price of a Burkett item shall not include sales tax, where applicable.

The Low Price Guarantee does not apply to:

  1. Items you purchased on Burkett-affiliated websites.
  2. Non-Authorized or Auction/Liquidation companies (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Marketplace, QuiBids, etc.)
  3. A Competitor's item offered (a) for free or with rebate or coupon or promotional gift card/promotional credit, (b) as part of a bundled offer or financing offer, (c) as a clearance/closeout sale, (d) for sale for less than a day (24 hours), or (e) used/reconditioned equipment.
  4. A Competitor's item which is offered as open box or refurbished.
  5. Add-on services such as extended warranty or installation.
  6. A Competitor's advertised Price which is the result of a typographical error.
  7. Purchases made by customers with pre-negotiated price contracts.
  8. Exclusive, major-holiday sales event prices offered by www.burkett.com, including: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

Only one price match per item.

Burkett reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Burkett Low Price Guarantee at any time without notice.