Bar Equipment Buyer Guide

Why buy Bar Equipment from Burkett Restaurant Equipment?

Burkett Restaurant Equipment carries a full selection of Bar Equipment and Supplies for your business. We offer FREE SHIPPING on many refrigerated freight items going to any business in the United States. Our competitive pricing offers you the comfort of knowing you are getting the best deal possible without price searching.

What type of Bar Equipment do you sell?

Bar Supplies Bar Supplies: Bar Supplies are mainly used behind the bar and usually compliment other items such as liquor, glasses, condiments, napkins etc. Bar Supplies include: Flow Pourers, Jiggers, Bar Caddies, Bar Mats, Cocktail Shakers, Margarita Rimmers, and Speed Rails.

Back Bar Coolers Back Bar Coolers: Used when beer and wine storage is located behind the bar. They are designed for display and are made for back bar height. Comes in either Black Exterior, Stainless Steel Exterior, or Glass Doors for great merchandising sales. Learn more.

Bottle Coolers Bottle Coolers: Designed for either bottled or canned beer storage. These units have slide tops and no doors, usually placed under the bar. Bottle Coolers come in Stainless Steel Exterior, Black Steel Exterior, or Black Vinyl Exterior. Learn more.

Keg Coolers Keg Coolers: Can go under or behind the bar. With different sizes, you can fit up to 4 kegs. Keg Coolers come in Stainless Steel Exterior, Black Vinyl, or Black Steel. Club Top units have a sliding top for easy access to bottled or canned beer. Learn more.

Glass & Plate Chillers Glass and Plate Chillers: Frost dry glass and plates quickly, holding temperature at 0°F for fast frosting. Available in Stainless Steel Exterior, Black Steel Exterior, or Black Vinyl Exterior. Learn more.

Burkett Restaurant Equipment provides a full line of Bar Equipment and Supplies. If you want more information or have any questions feel free to contact us by email or call 1-800-828-8564.