Coronavirus Commercial Kitchen Essentials

Commercial Refrigeration & Freezers

Improve the safety and quality of food and ingredients with commercial refrigeration from Burkett Restaurant Equipment. Whether you need a reach-in refrigerator for quick and easy convenience or an outdoor walk-in cooler to satisfy your business's heavy-duty storage needs, Burkett is your one-stop-shop for all refrigeration and commercial kitchen essentials.

Chest freezers are ideal for holding bulk perishable ingredients with thick insulation and accurate temperature control for food safe temperatures. Deep freeze meats and bulk frozen foods with large storage capacities at affordable prices.

Carry-out & Meal Delivery

Today's priority will be to get food to customers safely. Whether it's a simple compartment food tray that can be sterilized after use or insulated top loading food pan carriers that load easily and can get foods to their destination contamination free. We're here for all your Carry-out and Meal Delivery needs. Not quite ready for carry-out service? Well, set-up your portable kiosk cart in a prime location to increase sales.

Sanitation & Safety Supplies

Keep your staff protected with our line of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for Coronavirus essentials. Food business owners have particular responsibilities under food law and must maintain proper hygiene practices at all times by providing the correct facilities e.g. hand washing, toilets, etc. to enable staff to practice good hygiene. Now items like disposable gloves, infrared thermometers, face masks, face shields, and body containment kits will also become a necessity.

Protective Barriers & Plexiglass Shields

Provide a physical protection barrier between customers, dine-in patrons, and during standard check-out transactions. Protective Barriers will be a big help when social distancing isn't always an option to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and coronavirus. Effortless to install in most applications, these units transport and sanitize easily.

Ice & Water Dispensers

Today’s environment demands a sanitary ice maker and dispenser design that keeps ice fully contained until it is needed, minimizing the opportunity for cross-contamination and keeping your ice clean. Cleanliness and the ability to limit possibilities of contamination will be in today’s forefront. Burkett Restaurant Equipment is proud to work together with your business and take the guess work out of what it is you need.

Outdoor Dining

Restrictions on indoor dining have forced restaurants across the country to rely on outdoor seating to survive. Are you a restaurant, coffee shop, wine shop, bar, brewery or bakery interested in adding or expanding your commercial patio furniture to provide more options for customers and increase your sales opportunities during COVID-19? Burkett has creative ways to keep those outdoor spaces inviting even in cooler fall and winter temperatures.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a great impact on the restaurant and food service industry. This has left many restaurateurs who are strictly dine-in operations to pivot to becoming more flexible with carryout and meal delivery services. Burkett Restaurant Equipment is here to provide customized options to keep your business afloat or expand on new opportunities.
Coronavirus Commercial Kitchen Essentials

Commercial Foodservice Distribution Continues During Covid-19

Don't let the Coronavirus pandemic keep your business from prospering. Burkett has solutions to keep employee's and customers safe.

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