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Cutlery Buyer Guide

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Burkett Restaurant Equipment supplies offers a wide selection of cutlery and knife accessories to suit the needs of any kitchen. From home enthusiast to professional restaurant chef, Burkett has cutlery that will fit your style and budget. To learn more about specific products, contact us by email or call 1-800-828-8564. If you'd like to view our large variety of cutlery items and accessories, visit our Cutlery section today, or click an individual picture to view our selection of that type of knife.

Why buy Cutlery from Burkett Restaurant Equipment?

Burkett Restaurant Equipment carries a full selection of Bakery Equipment and Supplies for your business. We offer FREE SHIPPING on many refrigerated freight items going to any business in the United States. Our competitive pricing offers you the comfort of knowing you are getting the best deal possible without price searching.

Types of cutlery available at Burkett Restaurant Equipment:

Bone Dust Scraper

Bone Dust Scrapers are used to remove excess bone from cuts of meat and trimming excess fat. These utensils usually have an ergonomic handle with a rounded edge. Featuring 2-4 blades, the scrapers are particularly designed with wire-like blades that make small scraping cuts.

Boning Knife

Boning Knives are used to break bones between cuts of meat in addition to removing skin from meat. These knives are about 6" long with a curved, flexible blade. The blade tapers to a point for easy cuts.

Bread Knife

Bread Knives cut through loaves of bread or other soft food items without compromising its shape or texture. The straight, serrated knife edge is strong enough to cut through a tough exterior and yet delicate enough to maintain the shape as it slides through the product. These knives range from 6" to 10" in length.

Butcher Knife

Butcher Knives are used to cut through bone. It typically breaks apart larger cuts of meat than a boning knife. Measuring 8" - 10" long, the edge curves upward for a clean cut. The blade ends in a sharp point to easily pierce meat products.

Carving Knife

Carving Knives are used for thick cuts of meat, like pork, turkey and ham. These knives are capable of cutting thin or thick slices of meat, depending on the order. They're much thinner than a chef's knife and usually measure between 8 to 15 inches. Carving knives have a straight spine with a curved edge and sharp tip.

Cheese Knife

Cheese Knives are used to cut cleanly through soft cheeses without sticking and breaking off chunks of hard cheeses. The sharp edge has holes to carefully pass through cheeses while the short, stubby edge is used to cut off pieces of harder cheeses.

Chef's Knife

Chef's Knives serve as the general purpose knife in many commercial kitchens. These knives are used for slicing, chopping, dicing, and many more cutting options that chefs typically encounter on the job. Featuring a straight spine with inwardly curving edge, knives are designed to cut with rocking motion on board. They range from 6" to 10" in length.

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