Coffee and Tea Filters

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Having plenty of coffee and tea filters in your inventory is always a good idea. If you run out, you won’t be able to serve coffee and tea to your customers. Avoid disappointing your guests by stocking up on the right filters for your machine. Not all coffee filters are made equal. They come in various sizes and styles to fit each different brewer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee and Tea Filters

What Does a Coffee and Tea Filter Do?

A coffee or tea filter is a very simple yet essential tool. It is used to hold the coffee grounds or tea leaves while allowing hot water to pour through and brew a delicious hot beverage. It is basically a very fine strainer, keeping the final beverage product free from any solids.

What Are Coffee and Tea Filters Made Of?

Most coffee filters are made from paper, though others can be made from metal or cloth. Metal and cloth filters are reusable for a lower environmental impact. These filter styles allow more of the natural oils through, creating a richer beverage. They are, however, difficult to clean - which is why the standard paper filter is the more common method in any busy establishment.