Hot Water Dispensers & Boilers

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Hot water dispensers are a simple machine with versatile application possibilities. They can be used to brew tea, hot chocolate, make oatmeal, and even for cleaning. Having hot water on hand is always a good idea, so make sure you do with a hot water boiler and dispenser. Models are available with a variety of feature options including autofill, timers, temperature control, etc. Burkett offers hot water dispensers and hot water boilers from trusted brands such as Bunn, Grindmaster, Bloomfield, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Water Dispensers & Boilers

What Is a Hot Water Dispenser?

How water dispensers and boilers produce hot/boiling water to be used in a variety of applications in food, beverages, and cleaning. This is great for single use hot water needs and reducing ambient heat.

What Size Hot Water Boilers Are Available?

These hot water dispensers are available in a range of sizes from 1 gallon to 30 gallons, suitable for any establishments needs.

Do Hot Water Dispensers Require a Water Line?

Most hot water boilers do require a water line. Check the individual model’s specs as some units are manually filled, but generally they do require a water line connection for the autofill function. Plumbed (auto-filling) dispensers are best for higher volume establishments as they save time to time and always have water available.