Beverage Counters

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If you’re running a restaurant with self-serve beverages or a convenience store, a mobile beverage counter is perfect for you. This allows customers to get their beverages without staff needing to clean up constant spills. They come in a variety of colors to match your establishment’s atmosphere. If you need additional storage, choose a model of beverage serving counter with a storage base.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Beverage Counters

What Can I Do With a Mobile Beverage Counter?

Beverage Counters will accommodate a number of beverage dispensers. The versatile modular design allows you to custom design your line-up, choosing only the options that you want and need. Each counter includes drains on the worktop, allowing any spills to be easily drained out through the plumbing equipment. You can also use the mobile beverage counter to store additional inventory. (NOTE: these are non-refrigerated units, only dry storage is available)

How Do I Decide Which Mobile Beverage Counter to Purchase?

You will need to know what equipment is being put on these units before making a purchase decision. Knowing this information allows you to select the necessary size of equipment. Be sure to inspect your available space for installation of the beverage dispenser. Burkett offers many different models with different colors, sizes, and storage solutions.