Portable Bars

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Portable bars offer a mobile station for bartenders to do what they do best: mix and serve alcoholic beverages. These kinds of mobile bars are common at convention centers, banquet halls and hotels where the bar can be wheeled from storage straight into the event room. If you run one of these venues or a catering business that may include a bar, look for a model with the right design and coloring to match your aesthetic preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Bars

What Features Are Available in a Portable Bar?

Portable bars are available with a variety of features, including ice bins, cold plates and pre- and post-mix systems. If you only plan to serve bottled or canned beverages, or mix from bottles and cans, a standard bar with an ice bin should do just fine. If, however, you want a bar with a soda gun and post-mix bag-in-the-box systems, go for a fully equipped portable bar. They are more expensive, but will include all of the features your bartender is used to.

How Do I Choose the Best Portable Bar for My Needs?

When choosing a portable bar, the first thing you need to consider is your space requirements. If you will need to wheel the bar into an elevator to move it to multiple levels in a building, look for a compact bar that will fit through your elevator door. If, on the other hand, your portable bar will remain on one level of your building, it is only important that it fit through the entryways of your event rooms. Also decide what features you need. Most need an ice sink, but what about soda guns? It’s important to determine your needs for your bar serving style before making your purchase decision.

What Is a Pre-Mix and Post-Mix System?

If you’re looking for a bar with a soda gun, you might come across the phrase “pre-mix” and “post-mix” systems. These are both ways to serve carbonated drinks, but there are important distinctions in how. Pre-mix systems are essentially just running your beverage through the system to serve. They are already ready to drink in the packaging, just like a bottle you can buy at the store. Post-mix systems are more complex and require a carbon dioxide source as well as additional equipment to create the bubbly drinks you love. They mix syrup and water and carbonate it to make the freshest drink. These are the preferred system in most cases as they are able to supply a larger quantity of drinks, but they are more complicated and require more supplies. If your bar is lower volume, a pre-mix system will be just fine for your needs.

Do Portable Bars Require Electricity or Water Connections?

This depends on which model you choose. A majority of models are non-electrical, allowing the bar to be truly portable and placed anywhere you need. It is recommended to check the specs of the specific model you choose, but most do not require any external connections.