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Portable Bars

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Portable bars offer a mobile station for bartenders to do what they do best: mix and serve alcoholic beverages. These kinds of mobile bars are common at convention centers, banquet halls and hotels where the bar can be wheeled from storage straight into the event room. If you run one of these permanent venues, look for a bar with the right design and coloring to match your event room walls and floors. When choosing a portable bar, the first thing you need to consider is your space requirements. If you will need to wheel the bar into an elevator to move it to multiple levels in a building, look for a compact bar that will fit through your elevator door. If, on the other hand, your portable bar will remain on one level of your building, it is only important that it fit through the entryways of your event rooms.

Portable bars are available with a variety of features, including ice bins, cold plates and pre- and post-mix systems. If you will just be serving bottled or canned beverages, or mixing from bottles and cans, a standard bar with an ice bin should do just fine. If, however, you want a bar with a soda gun and post-mix bag-in-the-box systems, go for a fully equipped portable bar. They are more expensive, but will include all of the features your bartender is use to.

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