Coffee Brewer Urns

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When it comes time to provide your clients with a distinctive, elegant and luxurious catering event, coffee urns become an absolute necessity. They offer a refined way of serving coffee all day long. Commercial coffee urns add a touch of elegance to any buffet line, hotel, or coffee bar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Urns

Do Coffee Urns Brew Coffee?

Some urns do brew coffee, but not all. Some models only store and dispense already brewed coffee in a heated container. Be sure to check the specs of the model you’re interested in.

Do Coffee Urns Require Electricity?

Yes, all of our coffee urns are insulated but also heated using electricity. It is essential to have an outlet nearby to plug the urn into.

Can You Use a Coffee Urn for Other Beverages?

While the urns with brewing functions cannot brew anything but coffee, you can store and dispense hot tea, hot chocolate and even hot water. In a pinch, they can also be used for holding and dispensing cold beverages by turning off the heating function.