Coffee Warmers

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Coffee warmers are the perfect way to keep extra pots of coffee hot and ready to serve. Not all coffee makers come with additional warming plates, so a coffee warmer can be a great addition to your serving station. Easily offer decaf, regular, and other flavors of coffee at once by keeping them hot at your serving station without the need for multiple brewers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Warmers

What Styles of Coffee Warmers Are There?

Coffee warmers come in single and double plate models. Some double plate models are side by side, while others are in a step-up configuration to save space. All double plate models have individual controls so you can turn on and off each plate independently of the other.

How Long Can a Coffee Warmer Keep Your Coffee Hot?

Theoretically, they can keep your coffee pots hot as long as they’re on, but coffee will go stale even when kept hot after a few hours. Keeping is hot will prolong its life, but not extend it indefinitely.

Are Coffee Warmers Safe for Customer Use?

Yes! All coffee warmers are perfect for self-serve settings where customers are pouring their own coffee. The indicator light on the front of the unit clearly alerts users when the unit is on and hot so they know to be careful to avoid burns.