Satellite Coffee Brewers

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Set Ascending Direction

Satellite coffee brewers can brew large quantities of coffee directly into a warmed dispenser container. You can easily take these containers anywhere that you need, plug it in, then easily dispense it with a spigot. This is perfect for buffets and catering where coffee is self-serve and needed all day. You can brew multiple shuttles worth of coffee using one brewer to place in multiple satellite stations around your establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Satellite Coffee Brewers

Are the Shuttle Containers Insulated or Warmed?

Yes, all shuttle containers are both insulated and warmed to ensure that wherever you make your serving station, your coffee will be hot and ready to serve.

Can the Shuttles Be Used as a Dispenser by Itself?

Some satellite coffee brewers’ shuttles are made to be dispensers without any additional fixtures, but some require a stand to offer enough room to fit a cup under the spigot.

Can You Brew Other Beverages in A Satellite Coffee Brewer?

Some models feature a hot water spigot that is perfect for brewing tea and hot chocolate. You can use the shuttle for dispensing these beverages as well.