Coffee Brewers for Thermal Servers

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Thermal coffee makers are very similar to an airpot coffee maker, but larger. They are perfect for use in quick turn environments where high quality coffee is continuously refreshed. They brew into a large thermally insulated pot that is easy to move any place anywhere you wish to serve your coffee. Due to their size, these coffee makers use a spigot to dispense directly into your cup instead of being poured through a spout.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thermal Coffee Makers

What Kind of Establishment Needs a Thermal Brewer?

Thermal brewers are the ideal option for hotels, catering, and restaurants that will be serving coffee all day.

Does a Thermal Brewer Need a Water Line?

Almost all models of thermal coffee brewers use a water line to brew fresh coffee without the need for filling a water tank. There are a few models that do not require a water line and are manually filled if that is your preference.

How Long Will the Coffee Stay Warm After Brewing in a Thermal Brewer?

The insulated walls of the thermal server will still keep your coffee warm for hours in any location.

How Much Can Thermal Coffee Maker Brew at Once?

Each brewer is made for a different size server up to 1.5 gallons in capacity. Models have either one or two brewing heads that allow you to make double the coffee, if you wish.

Are Thermal Servers Included With These Thermal Coffee Makers?

Some models do come with a matching server, but not all. Be sure to check each items specs to determine if you will need to purchase the server separately.