Coffee and Espresso Grinders

When comparing the quality and taste of fresh or pre-packaged foods, fresh foods are always the hands-down winners. This is true for coffee as well. Fresh coffee grounds have a better flavor and aroma than those that have been freeze-dried. It is important to consider the overall size and capacity of the coffee grinder you have selected. Great coffee beans deserve to be processed in a quality grinder. This investment piece is the corner stone of many a kitchen, you simply can’t make great coffee without it! 

The dimensions simply indicate how much countertop or shelf space you will need for the grinder. The capacity will indicate how many pounds of coffee beans the hopper will hold. Some models even have two or three compartments so you can store different blends. You will also want to consider what the grounds are deposited into. Some units have a narrow chute that allows you to dispense into a bag. These models are found in grocery stores all across the country. Other grinders are designed to dispense into a coffee filter. These types are ideal for use behind the counter, by establishments that want to serve freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee. 

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