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Frozen Drink Machines

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Frozen drink machines are a common fixture in convenience stores around the country. They are used to store and serve premade smoothies or slushies. These units have built-in agitators that gently mix the drink all day long. The constant churning keeps ice chunks from forming and adds a little bit of showiness to entice customers. There are a lot of different designs of frozen drink dispensers available. Some have see-through reservoirs and vibrant colors to create the aforementioned showiness. These units are usually small enough to set on a countertop and are designed to be on display in the front-of-house, either for customer self-service or just to tempt the pocketbook. Large floor-model dispensers are meant to be kept behind the counter and are ideal for establishments that serve a lot of premade smoothies but do not necessarily have a self-serve layout.

Regardless of which unit you choose, you will want to look at some dimensional information. The overall size will tell you how much space you need, either on the countertop or in the corner of your kitchen. You will also want to check the height to the dispenser. This is most important for smaller, countertop units because it indicates the tallest cup that can be dispensed into.

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