Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Carts

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Shaved ice and snow cone carts allow you to take your concessions anywhere you need to go. By using a snow cone cart, you can move with the crowd or create a stand in a brand new location. A shaved ice cart functions not only as a place to hold your machine and equipment, but also as a great eye-catching merchandiser. All of our shaved ice wagons feature great colorful graphics and lettering along with fancy wheels that combine style with utility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Carts

Are Shaved Ice Machine Carts and Machines Sold Together?

No, the snow cone machines/equipment must be purchased separately from their matching carts. Head over to our shaved ice machines page to learn more.

Do Snow Cone Wagons Have Storage Space?

Some models do, while others do not. Check the specs of each product before purchasing to determine if it has the storage you require.

Do I Need a Cart for My Shaved Ice Machine?

Not necessarily. If you plan to sell shaved ice and snow cones from inside a concession stand with plenty of counter space, you may not need a cart. Carts are ideal for creating your own unique station to sell and make snow cones, so if this isn’t you, you can probably save that space and money and use it elsewhere, like on a higher quality machine!