Commerical Hot Tea Brewers

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Burkett has a great selection of hot tea brewers for any commercial application. There are models that brew directly into a dispenser, have multiple brew heads, and even have infusion functions to make your tea sweet and flavorful while brewing. Tea is an ancient drink that is known and loved throughout the world, so it’s essential to have fresh tea in any style establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tea Brewers

Can Hot Tea Brewers Be Used to Make Other Beverages?

Yes! Many tea brewers are also coffee makers. More information can be found in the individual product information. Some variants also incorporate a hot water spout for additional applications.

Will I Need a Water Line for My Hot Tea Brewers?

A water line is necessary in automatic brewers since they fill on their own, eliminating the need to regularly refill the water tank. This is the most common type of tea brewer, but models with a water tank that do not require a water line are available.

Do Tea Brewers Come With Dispensers/Servers?

While there are models with included servers/dispensers, most are sold separately. The server(s) that match the brewer are listed in the specs of each product, so you will be sure the dispenser you purchase will fit.