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Iced Tea Brewers

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Iced tea, like lemonade, used to be only a summertime beverage. As with many food items, consumers now want this refreshing beverage year-round. To accommodate this demand, restaurants of all sizes and concepts usually have at least one iced tea brewer on hand. Iced tea brewers are very similar to coffee makers. Ground tea leaves are placed into a funnel through which warm water is passed to make tea. The only difference is that iced tea is not brewed, stored or served hot. When selecting a brewer for your business, take a look at the brewing capacity and whether or not a server is included. Unfortunately, like most brewers, the servers are not included, but it is an essential to the brewer and for customer self-service. Each brewer is able to make a certain amount of tea in an hour. You will want to take this into consideration if you will be brewing several pots to keep up with customer demand. Some brewers also require an attached water line, so you will want to make sure the unit is installed near a potable water source.

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