Flaker Machine Heads

Flake ice machines are an excellent option for grocery stores, bars and hospitals. Adding to the visual appeal of product while maintaining safe food temperatures, the soft, packable quality of flake ice is ideal for seafood and meat displays. Flake ice’s ability to mold around objects provides extra cooling - perfect for ice wraps and other therapeutic uses in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

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Why choose a flaker ice machine over an ice machine that produces cubes?

The selection of ice type is dependent upon your specific needs. Flake ice is generally more suited for keeping items chilled, such as meat, bottled drinks, or other chilled foods. These are best suited for buffets, grocery stores, cafeterias, fish markets, etc. With a 73% ice to water ratio, this ice form has an increased cooling speed and is more packable, making it ideal for healthcare applications.

Do flaker ice machines require their own type of ice bins?

No. Flake ice machines accept the same bins as machines that produce nugget and cube ice.