Ice Machine & Bin Combos

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Ice machine and bin combos are the perfect option to take the guess work out of your commercial ice machine purchase.

At Burkett we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers receive exceptional service and quality products, while making their experience as effortless as possible. We've combined some of the industry’s most popular ice machine heads with various bins, and/or dispensers and adapters (if necessary), to maximize your businesses buying power. Find complete ice machine and bin combination units with the perfect bin capacity for the back of house or develop a more sanitary front of the house with a touch-free complete ice dispenser unit.

Whether you’re looking for a small machine with a bin or a large machine with a dispenser, we have the perfect combo unit from top ice machine manufacturers like Ice-O-Matic, Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Atosa. Find ice makers for every type of business to make fresh ice cubes, nuggets, and flakes whenever you need them. Don’t forget essential accessories like ice machine filters, ice totes, ice baggers, kits, hoses, and add-ons, and scoops!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Machine & Bin Combos

What size ice machine & bin combo do I need?

The production capacity you need depends entirely on your business. To determine your size needs, use the following information to calculate the size capacity you should choose. Take into consideration any potential for growth you may have, as ice machines can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. (For care and maintenance tips, check out our blog "Commercial Ice Machine Preventative Maintenance & Care".

  • Restaurant: 1.5 lbs. of ice per customer
  • Cocktail Bar: 3 lbs. of ice per customer
  • Salad Bar: 35 lbs. of ice per cubic foot
  • Hotel: 5 lbs. of ice per room
  • Healthcare: 10 lbs. of ice per patient
  • Cafeteria: 1 lb. of ice per customer

What are the different ice types?

ice types

Cubed ice is the standard ice option for beverages. Cubes come in half or full sized dice, but either option is great for use in all types of drinks.

Nugget ice also known as chewable ice or “Sonic ice,” was originally designed for healthcare use but has become a favorite in fast food, convenience stores, and many other businesses’ beverage service due to its unique consistency that allows it to be easily chewed.

Flake ice is perfect for displays in buffets and retail food cases. It can also be used for blended drinks.

Gourmet ice is used by high-end establishments to add a signature touch to any drink. Gourmet ice cubes have a bigger surface area, which can prevent the drink from losing its flavor while still being served at the right temperature.

Other Ice Machine Options

If a combo unit isn’t what you’re looking for, we have a variety of other options available. A modular unit allows for more customizability, so if that’s what you want, check out individual ice machine heads and ice storage bins/dispensers. We also have undercounter ice machines that provide smaller ice capacities for compact spaces.