Ice Baggers

Ice baggers are an essential ice bin accessory for any company selling or utilizing bags of ice.

Ice baggers are specially designed to be placed on the front of an ice bin, allowing for ice to be scooped quickly and conveniently directly into bags. These accessories hold bags open to make filling them as easy as possible. Once the bag has been filled, they then provide one of a few sealing options so that the bag is ready for sale or transport. Ice bagging machines are perfect for a variety of business types, including convenience stores, grocery stores, catering, or any other business that wants to sell or transport bags of ice. Select models are able to be placed directly under an ice dispenser to make filling bags even easier, but a majority are simply placed next to an ice bin allowing ice to be scooped in by hand. Check out our great selection of ice bags for all of your retail or catering needs from top brands like Scotsman and Manitowoc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Baggers

How does an ice bagger work?

Ice baggers are installed on the edge of an ice bin and hold open bags to allow ice to be scooped in with ease. After the bag is filled, you can seal it and replace it with another empty bag that is already conveniently stored on the unit.

Where do you place an ice bagger?

Most ice baggers are made for installation on ice storage bins, featuring a bracket that allows them to be installed easily onto the front of the machine. Many units allow for sliding on the front of the bin to ensure the bagger can be out of the way when not in use as well as flexibility with left or right handed operation. Select units are made to be placed directly under ice dispensers, dispensing the ice into bags with little effort and no contact for an easy and clean ice bagging operation.

How do you seal the bags of ice?

Ice baggers each have their own sealing method built into the unit. The most popular sealing option on these commercial ice baggers is a tape dispenser, which allows easy tape sealing of full bags of ice. Other options include c-rings or twist ties, which are placed on a bag by the user to keep the bag closed until the end user chooses to open it.

Other Commercial Ice Accessories

Burkett has a variety of other great commercial ice accessories for your business. Ice totes allow for easy transport of ice in shorter distances within a business. For larger ice storage and transportation, mobile ice bins offer a great non-electric solution. Also be sure to make sure you have all the right parts and upgrades for your ice machine with ice machine parts, kits, and accessories. And don’t forget to change your machines filter every 6 months so your ice bags are always full of the cleanest, freshest ice for maximum customer satisfaction!