Ice Totes & Ice Buckets

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Ice totes and ice buckets allow for easy transportation of large quantities of ice anywhere it is needed.

Transporting ice from your machine to its final destination requires a proper vessel, and an ice tote or bucket is just that. Ice totes from brands like Cambro, San Jamar, and G.E.T. are built with convenience in mind, holding anywhere from a few quarts to 6 gallons of ice at one time. These buckets are made from food-safe material and can include features like handles, drainage valves, and anti-nesting designs. Anti-nesting designs are helpful for preventing the transmission of germs and dirt from stacking.

Use ice totes and ice buckets for drop-in ice bins, buffets, ice and water stations, and any other remote ice needs. We also have totes to store ice scoops that keep them safe from germs, dirt, and being buried in ice. Everything you need to transport ice from your ice storage bin to drop-in bins is available from Burkett Restaurant Equipment.

What features are available on ice totes and ice buckets

Some ice totes are simple food safe buckets, but others include some additional features. One feature that most ice buckets include is a handle. The handles on ice totes are strong enough to hold a full container of ice and allow it to be carried easily. Another common feature is a drain valve that allows the bucket to be easily drained of any water from melted ice. Anti-stacking designs are another feature many ice buckets have. Stackable ice buckets seem like a better choice, but when considering the germs and dirt that can enter the buckets when stacked, having buckets that cannot be stacked is a great option for sanitation.

Other Ice Supplies

Burkett offers a variety of other commercial ice supplies. Be sure to purchase an ice machine filter every 6 months to keep your machine working properly to produce clean ice. Ice baggers are a great option for holding open bags to be filled. Ice machine parts, kits, and accessories are also great ways to upgrade and fix any issues with your ice machine.