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Ice Machine Heads

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Restaurants, offices, medical facilities, and a variety of other businesses use commercial ice machines every day. An ice machine head is a necessary piece of equipment for any enterprise that wants to produce high-quality ice for a variety of customers. These machines are available in a range of configurations, including ice types, daily production, and condenser size and type. When choosing an ice machine head, think about the type of ice you want, whether it's Cube , Flake or Nugget form.

Ice makers of the cube design create ice in a uniform shape that can be full or half-sized. This type of ice is often referred to as "full dice" or "half dice." Cubed ice is preferred because it has a cleaner appearance in the glass, can cool drinks faster, and has slower melt rates that do not dilute liquids. Most restaurants, pubs, hotels, and hospitals choose this type of ice because of its versatility.

Flake ice machines produce chewable, snow-like ice with a faster melt rate. This soft and packable ice is great for market displays, buffet lines, and medicinal applications. Flake ice is quickly absorbed into drink flavors, blends well for smoother frozen drinks, and is chewable, making it ideal for ice chewers.

Nugget ice is soft, chewable ice that is usually in bite-size pieces. It's also known as "tubular ice," and it's perfect for soft drinks, blended drinks, and cold drinks because it can be chewed while remaining hard enough to dispense. A faster melt rate permits the ice to absorb the drink's tastes. This form is popular among restaurants, pubs, and medical facilities since it combines chewable and hardy ice in one package.

When installing one of these types of industrial ice makers, it's important to consider the available space, the amount of ice required per day, and the ice bin or dispenser for storing. Investing in a high-quality ice machine, whether cube, flake, or nugget, is critical for any bar, restaurant, medical facility, or other business.

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