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Cube Ice Machines

Cube ice machines produce either full or half size ice cubes, also known as “full dice” or “half dice” cubes. Full cube ice melts slowly and cools drinks quickly because of its large surface area. It is the perfect ice for hotels and is the traditional bar or “rocks” ice, giving whiskey, scotch and cocktails visual appeal without watering them down too quickly. Half cube ice, on the other hand, packs more tightly into glasses, leaving less room for liquid, which will help increase your beverage profits. Both ice styles are versatile enough to be applied to the ice needs of restaurants, bars, hotels and hospitals.

24 hour yield and available space are the two major requirements one should consider when purchasing a cube ice machine. Generally speaking, the more ice needed, the larger the machine will be and the more space it will take up in your establishment. Sizes range from smaller ice machines that produce as little as 300 pounds per day to larger units that can produce 1,000 pounds of ice or more in a 24 hour period. Modular ice makers will require the addition of an ice storage bin or ice dispenser to become fully functional.

These cube ice makers are available with either air or water cooled condensers. Air-cooled condensers will work well for most operations, and they conserve more water and are less expensive to operate than other models. An ice machine with a water-cooled condenser should be considered if your kitchen or available space is exceptionally hot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cuber Machine Heads

What is the difference between Air-cooled and Water-cooled Ice Machine Cuber Heads?

Air-cooled commercial ice machine cuber heads have an electric fan that helps remove the heat produced by the mechanical components of the refrigeration system. Water-cooled commercial ice machine cuber heads circulate cool water around the components to keep them warm. Water-cooled machines use much more water than air-cooled machines but are quieter air-cooled machines are more energy-efficient and have a lower cost of operation.

How do I choose the best Commercial Ice Machine Cuber Heads for my establishment?

Ice comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The same can be said about Ice Machine Cuber Heads. What cooling type do you want? What about daily production? How much space do you have to work with? Which ice type do you prefer? We offer a variety of options, making the decision making process as smooth as the high quality ice you'll soon be producing. A restaurant should account for 1.5-lbs. per person. Pick a unit that will work with a bin of your choice and produce enough ice for your establishment. You can also choose between air-cooled and water-cooled units.

What are the advantages to having cubed ice?

Cubed ice is great for beverages because it is known to melt slower than other types and better fills glasses. Cubed ice is also ideal for shaved ice machines because it provides a smooth surface to be shaved. A variety of medical conditions from bug bites to back aches can also benefit from cubed ice.