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Ice Storage Bins and Dispensers

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Ice storage bins are required pieces of ice machine parts and accessories when you have a modular or remote ice machine. Although the ice bins are not powered, they are insulated so the ice will not melt. Ice storage bins are either lined with plastic or food grade stainless steel. There is either insulation or a small air gap between the liner and bin exterior to slow the ice melting process so you can completely fulfill your ice needs.

At the end of each day, or at the beginning of the next, you will want to empty the bin of any hold-over ice. If the ice stays in the bin too long, it will eventually melt into one big block and become too difficult to remove. Additionally, old ice in the bin can develop a foul taste since it is picking up any stray aromas or mildew that may be in the cabinet. For this reason, every time the bin is emptied of old ice, it is recommended that the interior be at least dried out. The bin inside should be fully cleaned and sanitized as often as the ice machine that is mounted on the top is cleaned. It is important to maintain your ice machine parts and accessories by cleaning the ice storage bin at least once a month.

Many of the ice storage bins are available through Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit into even the tightest spaces in your commercial kitchen.

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