Mobile Ice Bins

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Mobile ice bins provide convenient ice storage for outdoor functions, catering, banquet halls, and anywhere else with limited electrical access.

The versatility of a mobile ice bin is a great benefit to any establishment looking to provide ice in a mobile setting, allowing you to scoop ice for glasses as well as store bottles and cans right in the ice like a mobile cooler. This is perfect for outside events, catering, banquet halls, and more. All of the ice caddies available at Burkett are constructed of durable, high quality materials that will keep your ice frozen and stand up to years of use. The variety of materials, styles, and sizes ensures you will be able to find the exact right product for all of your needs. Find portable ice bins in traditional stainless steel or a variety of colors of polyethylene to match the aesthetic needs of your business’s events. Shop Burkett’s selection of mobile ice bins from top manufacturers like Cambro and Vollrath to keep ice always on hand and on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Ice Bins

Do mobile ice bins make ice?

No, mobile ice bins do not make ice. You will need to have a separate ice machine if you wish to make your own ice. These bins are also not refrigerated, as they have no electricity and rely solely on insulation to keep ice frozen. If you want to make your own ice, check out ice machine heads or undercounter ice machines.

How long will ice stay frozen in a mobile ice bin?

Depending on the unit, mobile ice bins can hold ice for anywhere from 12 hours to multiple days. The thick CFC-free foam insulation used in a majority of these units can hold ice for days. Due to the lack of electricity, it is important for these units to be well insulated to keep ice frozen for as long as possible.

How much ice can an ice bin hold?

Every unit has a different capacity, but the most common capacity for commercial ice bins is anywhere from 100 lbs. to 200 lbs. of ice. If you need more ice capacity, consider buying additional units. The smaller capacity is essential to keep the ice bins easily portable.

What are some of the features available in mobile ice bins?

  • Drain Valve: Mobile ice bins typically feature a drain valve, allowing users to easily drain water from the bin without needing to tip the bin in any way.
  • Slanted Top: Different models feature different lid types, providing more convenience in different ways. One common lid type is a slanted sliding lid that slides back and under the top to avoid contamination and fit easily under various tables even with the lid open.
  • Flat Top: Another option is a flat top lid that offers more space to store larger quantities of ice.
  • Casters: A core feature of mobile ice caddies are the casters - the wheels that allow you to easily transport the bin anywhere you need.