Nugget Machine Heads

Nugget Ice Machines are an excellent addition to a variety of establishments because of the chewable ice they produce. Nugget ice, also known as pearl ice, is cooled at a higher temperature and holds more cool water than other types of ice, allowing it to cool items quickly. Being softer and chewable, nuggets and pearls are easier on teeth and a gentle alternative to cube types.

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What environments are best suited for a Nugget Ice Machine?

Nugget ice, sometimes called cubelet ice, is ideal for different types of healthcare and therapeutic applications and is great for ice packs or dietary needs. Nugget ice is soft and chewable by design and displaces liquid better than cubed ice which enables you to use less liquid per glass.

What is the difference between Air-cooled and Water-cooled Nugget Ice Machines?

Air-cooled nugget ice machines have an electric fan that helps remove the heat produced by the mechanical components of the refrigeration system. Water-cooled nugget ice machines circulate cool water around the components to keep them warm. Water-cooled machines use much more water than air-cooled machines but are quieter. Air-cooled machines are more energy efficient and have a lower cost of operation.

What’s the difference between modular and self-contained units?

Modular ice machines only produce ice. The unit does not include an area to store ice, the units require separate bins that usually measure 22”, 30”, or 48” in width. Self-contained machines are smaller units that produce and store ice. Self-contained units are typically designed for undercounter use and have easy access and space saving abilities.