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Undercounter Ice Machines

Ice machine heads with bins can be large and unwieldy, taking up a lot of back-of-house area for your business. When space is restricted, it might be difficult to make ice without sacrificing production or ice storage. An undercounter ice machine your solution to this issue! These units fit beneath most countertop spaces, saving you back-of-house space while allowing you to generate and store ice in the same way that a traditional ice maker would. These units are available in a range of configurations, including ice varieties, daily production, and size. When choosing an undercounter ice machine, think about the type of ice you want, whether it's Cube, Flake, Nugget, or Gourmet form.

Cube-style ice is uniform-shaped ice that has a slower melting rate to keep drinks cold longer while improving the appearance of drinks. This type of ice typically comes in a Full or Half size but also can be commonly called “full dice” or “half dice” ice. This style of ice makes it ideal for bars, restaurants, medical facilities because of its versatility.

Flake-style ice is snow like making it chewable and easier to make smoother blended drinks. This style of ice is quickly absorbed into the drink's flavor while also making it ideal for ice chewers. This soft, packable ice is ideal for market displays, buffet lines, and medical uses as well.

Nugget ice or “tubular ice” is formed in bite-sized ice which is perfect for soft drinks, blended cocktails, and cold beverages. Popular amongst pubs, restaurants, and healthcare facilities for the fact it is both chewable but hardy enough to dispense. The ice melt quickly, however, it melts into the drink to enhance the flavor.

Gourmet ice is a unique addition to the ice-making world. This ice is shaped in an octagonal or cylindrical shape and is typically served in higher-end liquors or upscale drinks. High-end restaurants love this style of ice as it brings a unique appearance while keeping drinks colder longer while having a slower melting rate.

Adding a commercial undercounter ice maker to your business offers the ability to save on space without sacrificing production. Whether your producing nugget, flake, cube, or gourmet ice, choosing an effective ice machine for your business is crucial.