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Undercounter Flake Ice Machines

Undercounter flake ice machines fit neatly under existing counter saving you the crucial space in back of the house areas. Flaker undercounter ice machines produce excellent flaked ice, which has numerous applications from chilling food displays to making deliciously fresh smoothies. Undercounter Flake Ice Machines are great for a variety of establishments because of their space saving designs and impressive daily production that will keep up with your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Undercounter Flake Ice Machines

How much ice can undercounter flaker ice machines hold?

Undercounter ice machines are designed to take up as little space as possible, so the bins are significantly smaller than full height units. These units typically hold up to 150 pounds of ice.

What are practical applications for an undercounter flaker ice machine?

Thanks to their compact shape, undercounter flakers are ideal for areas with a low ice demand and a small amount of space to work with. These units are designed to fit under counters, helping you get the most out of any space that needs ice within reach, without sacrificing aesthetics. Flake ice is a packable ice best used for display areas, these undercounter units are great for small bars or cafes.