Undercounter Flake Ice Machines

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An undercounter flake ice machine combines the strength of an ice machine head and an ice bin into a small unit.

Small spaces may not always have enough room for a full-sized ice machine. The solution to this issue is to use an undercounter flake ice machine, which produces fresh flake ice in any undercounter space. Flake ice is a great choice for seafood and meat merchandising as well as buffets thanks to its packable, snow-like shape. Unlike other styles, this ice is not made in individual pieces, but flakes. You can create and store ice just as with a traditional ice maker, but they do yield less product. Your business can take up less room while still making its own ice with an undercounter ice machine. Investing in an effective ice maker for your business is essential. Burkett provides a variety of undercounter flake ice makers from leading commercial brands like Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, and Manitowoc that will ensure you can produce the perfect ice for all of your business’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Undercounter Flake Ice Machines

Do I want an air-cooled or water-cooled undercounter flake ice machine?

The type of cooling system you should choose depends on the environment around where you plan to place the ice machine.

Air-cooled ice machines tend to be cheaper to run and more energy efficient than water-cooled machines. The ventilation system requires good circulation and low temperatures. If the air around the unit has poor ventilation and/or is too hot, it will slow down production as well as use more energy.

Water-cooled ice machines require around 5 times more water than an air-cooled ice machine, making them generally more expensive to run. However, water-cooled ice machines can still be a better choice in environments with poor ventilation and/or hot kitchens.

What other types of ice are there besides flakes?

ice types

  • Cube ice is the most common choice of ice for beverages in bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. Ice cubes come in various sizes, but are perfect for almost any use.
  • Nugget ice, also referred to as chewable ice or “Sonic Ice”, is an ice style with a high water content that is perfect for soft drinks, blended cocktails, and any other cold drink. Nugget ice is easy to chew and absorbs the beverage easily, adding a unique flare to your beverage experience.
  • Gourmet ice is an ornate ice style that is perfect for high-end cocktails and beverages. This ice is typically cylindrical shaped, but some machines also make octagonal, large cube, or spherical shaped ice. High-end bars and restaurants often prefer this ice style as it offers both a fancier look and a slower melting rate due to its large surface area. The large surface area keeps the drink colder for much longer time periods while maintaining the beverage's flavor integrity.

Other Ice Machine Options

If you prefer your ice machine to sit on top the countertop for self-serve functionality as opposed to undercounter ones, check out our variety of Ice Machines with Dispensers. For higher production rates in larger spaces, we have a variety of options like ice machine heads, ice machine bins and dispensers, or ice machine and bin combos.