Funnel Cake & Donut Fryers

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Fry up the most delicious sweet snacks with one of these specialty fryers!

Funnel cake and donut fryers allow you to provide the crispy, golden goodies that customers love. These fryers produce treats that are a staple of any carnival, fair, or concession stand. They not only thoroughly fry foods but they can also fill the air with delicious smells to entice and attract customers. Funnel cakes and donuts are an easy concession item that can yield a high profit margin. For this reason, Burkett has a wide range of funnel cake and donut deep fryers to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Funnel cake fryers and donut fryers are designed to cook heavy battered items in a shallow fry pot. These units have heating elements beneath the cooking pot and heat the oil moving up. The design of these units is ideal at preventing sediments and particles from getting stuck or clogged in the fry pot.


Vat capacities for these specialty fryers are available in a range between 20 pounds and 60 pounds. While our commercial donut fryers create delectable fresh donuts on demand, you can find a funnel cake fryer that can produce several dozen cakes per hour to keep up with requests at busy concession stands! To save space and power, select a machine with a reduced capacity for smaller kiosks and carnivals. We offer cake fryers that come in a variety of vat capacities so whether you need to produce high or low volumes of fried goods, Burkett has you covered. If you find you may need higher capacities or power levels, check out full-size gas deep fryers or electric fryers.


Constructed from strong stainless steel, funnel cake fryers and donut fryers are built to withstand long hours of high temperatures. These units will not damage, and should be easy for staff to clean and maintain. With manufacturers like Gold Medal and Comstock-Castle, you can be sure these fryers are built to last and produce the highest quality fried products.

Funnel cake fryers are sure to attract customers to your stand! Don't forget to add on some funnel cake and donut accessories to help you be more successful. Check our specially designed concession stand equipment page, to make your establishment the best it can be!

Frequently Asked Questions About Funnel Cake and Donut Deep Fryers

Should you buy gas or an electric funnel cake and donut deep fryer?

As with other cooking equipment, gas-powered models will provide you with higher and hotter temperatures than electric models. With the high BTUs, gas deep fryers will turn on quicker and be ready to fry quicker than electric deep fryers. However, the proper gas line connections are required for proper use.

Not every concession stand, or kiosk has the proper gas line connections or ventilation hood systems. For this reason, electric funnel cake and donut fryers are an easy choice. These units have easy electrical connections that are available nearly anywhere. Despite electrical models providing lower temperatures, they mimic the product finishes of more powerful gas models.

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