Electric Convection Ovens

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Easy to install and powerful enough to lead a kitchen, full-size electric convection ovens are mainstays in any commercial kitchen.

Full size electric convection ovens are among the most powerful baking solutions in the restaurant world. They are meant for establishments that have a serious need for cooking power, usually putting out around 11,000 kilowatts of power per deck.

In some areas, electric can be cheaper than gas, saving your business utility expenses. Along with possibly saving you money and making your kitchen a bit more energy efficient, electric convection ovens are much easier to initially setup. With a simple electrical connection, your kitchen will be ready to start producing delicious meals.

Convection Heating

Convection ovens use a fan that moves air around the oven to eliminate hot spots and cook food perfectly and evenly. These ovens are perfect for on-demand cooking since they reduce cooking time without sacrificing quality, allowing you to increase your kitchen's production.

In contrast to traditional ovens, a convection oven does not require you to center the dish containing the food you are cooking. Due to the fact that air circulates around the dishes and cooks them wherever they are, you can easily put them on any rack you have.


Electric convection ovens come in a variety of sizes and deck capacities. Electric ovens with stacking kits, open bases, and multiple deck units are all available.

When compared to a single-deck oven, stacked or double deck models can double your kitchen's production. Full-size electric ovens with single, double, triple, and even quadruple decks are also available.

Choose between deep depth, or bakery depth, ovens and standard size ovens. Bakery depth ovens will give you a few more inches of interior cooking capacity. Each product page includes precise measurements to ensure you find the right size oven for the space your kitchen has available.


Many units will also come equipped with either adjustable legs or lockable casters. Models with casters are easy to move for kitchen staff. These units allow staff to move ovens away from walls to ensure a thorough clean under and behind the oven.

Constructed mostly with stainless steel exteriors, commercial convection ovens are built to last even in the toughest kitchens. The construction is also ideal for keeping the hot air inside the cooking chamber.

Porcelain or 316 stainless-steel are the most common interior finishes. This construction makes cleaning and maintaining your full-sized ovens easy for any kitchen staff.

NSF and ENERGY STAR certifications are available for the majority of these electric convection ovens.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Convection Ovens

What size pans fir in a full-size electric oven?

Full size ovens normally hold 5 or more standard 18" x 26" sheet pans placed inside from left to right.

View these commercial baking sheets to ensure you have the proper cookware.

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