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Cook foods to perfection, then hold them at temperature until it's time to plate or serve them, all under one footprint with cook and hold ovens.

A commercial cook and hold oven is one of the most practical additions to a busy kitchen because it is made to cook your most popular dishes and keep them hot until dishing. Additionally, you can find specialty smoker ovens to give your dishes a deliciously deep, smoky flavor.

Cook and hold ovens have become a cornerstone of many commercial kitchens due to their capacity to prepare food and keep it warm with little operator involvement. They also help eliminate product loss due to overcooking or scorching during holding.

The beauty of a cook and hold oven is in the name. These units can be used to cook products to ideal temperatures then, without removing pans, the cabinet can be turned into a holding unit to hold finished pans at proper temperatures before serving. This eliminates extra movements of transferring finished cooked products to a different food holding unit.

Check out commercial food smokers for dedicated smoke cooking equipment.

Commercial holding ovens are important because food must be kept at a safe temperature between cooking and serving, or dangerous bacteria may grow and put your customers at risk. For more food holding options, check out holding and proofing cabinets and commercial food warmers.

Sizing & Capacity

Our smokers come in a wide range of capacities to help you smoke as much product as you want at any time. Undercounter, half-height, and full height cook & hold ovens are available, so even if you have a limited amount of room, you can find an oven that will work for you. We also offer both single and double deck cook and holds.

Make sure the oven you select has enough space to accommodate everything you need to cook, starting with the capacity for pans. The majority of these units are made to accommodate full-size sheet pans; the smallest half-size units can accommodate less than five pans, while full-size units can accommodate roughly a dozen.

Consider a unit with multiple cavities if you'll need storage capacity for a variety of meals, especially if you'll be storing food at various temperatures. Two different meals can be prepared at the same time using the individual controls for each cavity.

Whether you need a double deck, mobile smoker with (16) 12" x 20" pan capacity or a small, under-counter smoker with only (3) full size pan capacity, at Burkett we have the smoker to make your commercial kitchen, restaurant, or BBQ joint successful.

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With humidity controls, cook-and-hold ovens can maintain moist conditions in their cabinets both during and after cooking, increasing product yields and preventing food from drying out. Lockable casters make moving these units easy for any kitchen staff. Undercounter units are ideal for fitting snug in compact locations.

Most smokers are built from strong stainless steel, meaning they are durable and should keep your smoky products safe and warm. Being insulated keeps the heat inside and the outside cool to the touch. These holding ovens are easy to maintain and clean daily.

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