Half Size Convection Ovens

Electric Half Size Convection Ovens

Electric half size convection ovens are excellent for cooking and baking small quantities of foods quickly and efficiently. Simply find the appropriate electrical connection and you're good to go.

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Electric Half Size Convection Ovens

Gas Half Size Convection Ovens

Cook a wide variety of foods to perfection with a powerful, yet compact oven that is perfect in any size kitchen. Being gas powered, these half sized convection ovens can heat foods more quickly.

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Gas Half Size Convection Ovens

Half size convection ovens will provide you with similar power to a full-size model while offering a space saving solution.

Convection ovens are among the most powerful baking solutions in the restaurant industry. They are meant for establishments that have a serious need for cooking power. These ovens cook food more precisely than standard ovens by using fans to circulate air, this process gets rid of cold spots thus cooking food evenly and giving your customers a memorable dining experience.

With a half-sized convection oven, you can bake, roast, warm, or even rethermalize meals quickly and easily. Half size models are perfect for restaurants, concession stands, convenience stores, or anywhere where a full-size convection oven may not be applicable.

Convection ovens are excellent for roasting meats, fish and vegetables, as well as baking breads, pizzas, cookies, and pastries. Tempered glass doors enable users to inspect the product without letting heat escape the unit by permitting observation of the contents without opening the doors. In addition to safeguarding your baked goods, that reduces ambient heat.

Convection Heating

Convection ovens are a kind of oven that circulates hot air using fans to cook food more quickly than in a conventional oven. A convection oven distributes hot air so that it envelops food and cooks it from all sides rather than relying on the radiation of heat from heating elements.

You might get "hot spots," or pockets of air that are hotter than others, in a traditional oven because it doesn't circulate the air as well as a convection oven. Recipes frequently advise rotating the baking pan to ensure that your food is cooked evenly because this can result in uneven cooking.


These ovens also have a wide selection of sizes, ranging from countertop models to stackable models, to models on mobile carts. Most models are constructed from strong stainless steel to keep ovens lasting longer and make maintenance easier.

Single deck ovens offer a fair amount of cooking space for smaller kitchens, and they are frequently space efficient. Single decks on equipment stands frequently have space underneath that can be used to store things like additional accessories and materials. For kitchens with large output requirements, double deck convection ovens are ideal since you can fit double the capacity inside at once.

Select between ovens with regular depth and ovens with bakery depth. A commercial convection oven will hold pans that are either 2.5" deep or "bakery depth" of 4" deep. Convection ovens with a deep depth, or "bakery depth," offer more interior area than standard models do. This additional depth will be seen in the unit's footprint, but it only adds a few inches, which is surprising given the increase in cooking capacity. Ovens with a deep depth are best for continuously producing kitchens.

For full size convection ovens, check out electric full size convection ovens and gas full size convection ovens.

For smaller units, view these countertop convection ovens.

Gas or Electric

Commercial half-size convection ovens are available in gas and electric models. Of course, for the convection fan a simple electrical connection is required for both styles. Choose whichever utility is best for your commercial kitchen.

Electric models could be less expensive than gas ones in some places, helping you save money long term. Due to the absence of a gas connection and hose, electric convection ovens may be simpler to relocate while organizing or cleaning. Additionally, this function speeds up and simplifies installation.

Typically, gas convection ovens will produce hotter and more intense temperatures than electrical models making for even more quick cooking times. They will necessitate the appropriate gas lines and hose connections, which occasionally come at an extra expense.

We have a collection of gas hoses and gas connection accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Convection Ovens

How do convection ovens work?

Food cooks more quickly and uniformly in a convection oven by moving hot air throughout the oven's cavity. A fan and exhaust system that circulates heated air around the food assists in achieving a perfectly cooked product. Because there is less moisture buildup, the food cooks more uniformly and comes out crispier.

What size pans fit in a half-size oven?

Commercial half size convection ovens can usually hold 3 or more half-sized 18" x 13" sheet pans placed in the oven from left to right.

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