Electric Half Size Convection Ovens

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Add a powerful, yet compact convection oven to your kitchen's arsenal with half-sized electric ovens.

Are your production levels not high enough to justify purchasing a full-size oven? Half size ovens are just what you need.

Electric half size convection ovens are excellent for cooking and baking small quantities of foods quickly and efficiently. Thanks to their hot air fan design, commercial half size convection ovens are the ideal choice for even and efficient cooking!

Since these ovens are half sized, they can help you save kitchen floor space for other cooking equipment. Also, since these are electric convection ovens, they easier to install than gas models. Gas models require proper gas lines and hose connections, which can be extra expenses. Connection output levels of electrical convection ovens are commonly found in many kitchens, usually requiring 208/220/240 volts.


Half size convection ovens are great for any foodservice kitchen that needs a convection oven to produce low to medium volumes of foods regularly. These convection ovens will usually only fit two or more half size 18" x 13" sheet pans, meaning it carries a lower capacity than full size models.

Our assortment of electric convection ovens come in 3-pan, 4-pan, and 5-pan capacity units. This amount of capacity is great for low-volume production. If you want to double your production under the same footprint, select a double deck model. Normally on equipment stands, double deck models can come atop movable and lockable casters.

Some electric convection ovens come available in countertop designs. These units are great for concession stands or small kitchens that need just a small oven. Check out our collection of compact convection ovens.

For larger models with higher production levels, check out full size electric convection ovens.

Temperature Control

Controls come in a variety of options to help different chefs find what works best for them. Choose between digital controls and solid-state controls. Solid state thermostatic controls give chefs the precise temperature control that they desire. Digital controls are beginning to be seen more and more in kitchens. Both control systems are easy for kitchen staff to use.


Our selection of half size electric ovens comes in a wide range of styles. We have models that can sit on countertops, sit on open bases, come stacked in double deck models, and models with adjustable legs. Units on equipment stands normally come with movable casters. These units are easy for kitchen staff to move around the kitchen as needed.

Mainly constructed of stainless-steel exteriors, these compact convection ovens keep the heat inside the cooking chamber and keep the exterior cooler than other equipment. The sleek stainless exterior looks good in kitchens and often matches other equipment. Interior construction can be porcelain or stainless steel as well. This material makes cleaning and maintaining your commercial oven quick and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions About Half Size Convection Ovens

What size pans fit in a half-size oven?

Half size ovens interiors usually hold one or more half-sized 18" x 13" sheet pans.

You can find the appropriately sized baking sheets here.

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