Hydrovection Ovens

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Give your kitchen a versatile oven with a multipurpose hydrovection oven.

The Blodgett hydrovection oven is the only split door, continuously humidified oven on the market. These ovens allow you to do more such as bake, roast, gratinate, and poach. Hydrovection ovens have two settings: convection only cooking and hydrovection at high and low humidity. It's two ovens in one, somewhere in between a convection oven and a combination oven and is conveniently the same size as a standard convection oven.

Foods cooked in hydrovection ovens will not dry out as they would in a typical convection oven. They brown more slowly, allowing the heat to reach the interior of the product before the outside is scorched or dried out.

This commercial oven gives chefs the ability to bake, roast, rethermalize, fry, poach, grill, and cook many other ways in one footprint. Give your kitchen the power of multiple cooking methods in a single unit.


Lacking space for a combi oven? Only Blodgett's Hydrovection ovens have split doors and continually humidify air, and its 38′′ square footprint oven is modest. Additionally, you can accomplish a lot more with in the same amount of area as your convection oven. 

Hydrovection ovens come in either gas or electric, as well as single or double decks. Double deck models are great for high production kitchens.


Blodgett built its hydrovection ovens to be sturdy and simple to clean. This line has coved corners inside and out and is made of stainless steel. Years of use won't cause the stainless-steel interior to corrode.

Staff members can easily set food to bake by pressing a button on the SmartTouch2 touchscreen. Additionally, a USB port is available for quick and efficient HACCP data transmission. The self-cleaning spray and nozzle expedite cleanup at the end of the day. The core temperature probe allows you to check food without opening the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrovection Ovens

What is a hydrovection oven?

Hyrdovection ovens utilize both steam and heat. Baking, roasting, retherming, oven frying, poaching, grilling, toasting, searing, smoking, you name it and a hydrovection oven can help an operation expand its menu offerings in a single unit.

The patented HelixTM technology drives air into the oven cavity to remove moisture-laden food while shortening cook times and enhancing product quality. On established recipes, experience cook times that are up to 30% faster and yields that are 20% better.

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