Commercial Electric Ranges

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Add some energy efficiency and versatility to your business with one of these great electric ranges.

Commercial electric ranges can perform all the same tasks as gas ranges while potentially costing less to operate. A versatile focal point for any business kitchen, commercial electric stoves can also be purchased with accessories like salamander broilers and cheese melters.

Commercial ranges are usually substantially larger than your normal home range because they are designed for heavy-duty use. The larger size allows for greater capacity in these ranges and often includes more than one burner. A cooktop with elements, a griddle, or a hot top may be present in multiples or in combination with other elements on a commercial electric range. The commercial electric stove is often mounted on a base that has a conventional, convection, or holding oven.

For a number of reasons, operators prefer electric ranges to gas ones. Since no gas lines aren't an issue, moving commercial electric stoves is simpler. In many parts of the country, electricity is a less expensive utility than gas. Finally, compared to gas ranges, electric ranges do not necessitate as large a vent system, which can save some businesses a lot of money.

Commercial electric ranges allow you to cook, bake, and grill all in one convenient appliance. Restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, and bakeries with little back-of-house space will benefit from these units. Electrical ranges will take longer to heat up than gas ranges, however, they are usually less expensive and easier to clean.

Cooktop Configurations

Like gas commercial ranges, electric models come with multiple different cooktop and base options. There are three main cooktop configurations, and they are elements, hot tops, and griddles.

Our collection of cooktop options includes commercial electric griddles measuring between 24" and 36" wide. Typically, along with a griddle, many models come with multiple electric hot plate burners. There are even models that include both a griddle and any number of burners on top of an oven base. The griddle top is perfect for cooking anything from eggs and pancakes to steaks and burgers. Hot plates are perfect for cooking foods in pans and pots.

Base Configurations

Both standard and convection oven bases are available with these electrical models. Convection oven bases are available on many of our commercial electric ranges, allowing for more consistent baking than a normal oven.

Most units come equipped with movable and lockable casters, making moving units to clean or reorganize easy.


Commercial electric ranges are made of exceptionally durable materials and are built for frequent, daily usage, so they'll be able to meet the demands of your operation. These commercial ranges are built out of stainless steel, making them easy to clean and maintain for kitchen staff. Most of these ranges also have a cool touch door handle to keep your kitchen staff safe.

Some of these models have glass doors so your staff can easily see how your delectable meals are coming along. Even improved heat retention and quicker cleanup are made possible thanks to porcelainized interior coatings.

High-quality manufacturers like Southbend and Imperial provide some of the most powerful and efficient commercial electric ranges on the market. At Burkett, we are sure we can help you find the right electrical range for your commercial kitchen.

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