Stock Pot Ranges & Burners

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Provide your kitchen with some extra burner space within a small footprint with a stock pot range.

Stock pot ranges are exactly what their name suggests, ranges to place individual stock pots on. Stock pot ranges are designed to support heavy cookware while heating large amounts of liquids, making them ideal for producing soups, boiling pasta, and making sauces in your commercial kitchen. These items are small, yet they have a high BTU output, allowing them to swiftly heat huge amounts of liquid.

Stock pot ranges are great for commercial kitchens that need 1 or 2 extra burners to cook their sauces or soups while their commercial ranges are busy cooking sides and entrees. These ranges are made to be placed on the countertop, but we do have units that can sit directly on the floor, depending on your pot size.


You will want to take note of the overall width of the stock pot ranges as well as the gas inlet size. The gas inlet size indicates what diameter your gas supply line needs to be in order to operate the range. You will need gas hose connectors and accessories to attach the supply line to your piece of equipment. Gas connections need to have the same diameter as the inlet.


Many of these stock pot ranges feature multiple burners for higher outputs and quicker cook times than single burner models. You will want to measure the diameter of the largest pot that will be used on the range, so you get one that is big enough to accommodate your specific needs. Our selection of stock pot cookers come in a vast array of sizes, number of burners, and BTU outputs to help you purchase the right stock pot range to meet your specific needs. Match up your countertop range with the appropriately sized stock pot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stock Pot Ranges

What is a stock pot?

A stock pot is a pot that is large and deep with straight sides. Stock pots are primarily used for preparing soup stock. These pots are useful because they can simmer or boil large amounts of liquids efficiently. They can also be used for boiling pasta and cooking seafood. Stock pots are typically the largest cooking pots in a commercial kitchen.

Can you cook on a stock pot range?

With a stock pot range, you can make soups and sauces, boil pasta, and heat large amounts of liquids in your commercial kitchen. Hot plates are comparable to commercial stock pot ranges, except stock pot ranges are built to take much larger/heavier cookware and have a higher heating output.

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