Cooking Torches

Light up grills and ranges with ease!

Culinary torches give your chefs the ability to light or relight ranges, stoves, grills, and other cooking equipment safely and efficiently. Chef torch's give kitchen staff more control over the flame produced, making these torches great for putting a fine caramelization on a crème brule or other desserts. Using a chef's torch in this way can help your business stand out from others who don't add the extra flare.

Butane lighters are also important for catering events when chaffers and sternos are used to keep foods hot and at proper serving temperatures. These lighters are perfect when you don't need a big and strong flame that a chef's torch will give you. Our butane stick lighters come with a child resistant safety mechanism that makes them safe for anyone in the kitchen to use. With clear windows installed so that you can see how much butane your lighter has left, you can easily see and know when you will need to refill your torch.

At Burkett, our selection of butane lighters is perfect for any BBQ, camping trip, or catering event your business may ever run into.