Grill Scrapers

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Keep your grill surfaces free from debris to ensure new foods are uncontaminated by previous foods.

Periodically scrapping a griddle clean assures both even heat transfer across the top and easy cleaning at the end of the night. Save your employees and pocket book some grief by selecting one of our commercial scrapers to get the job done.

Our scrapers come with flexible steel blades and wood, plastic or metal handles. When choosing a handle type, consider which is best for you. Metal handles are the most durable and sturdy option and the one piece molding will be less likely to trap and hold on to debris. Plastic is the most economical option and it is good for use if you will be using numerous scrapers at different stations. They are more prone to breaking than metal or wood.

For a natural feel, chefs prefer wood handles. The soft wood is the most ergonomically correct and the wood can stand the test of time if properly cared for. The key is to make sure that the wood is never placed in a dishwasher and always hand washed and dried immediately.

If you intend to use your scraper on both the griddle and to empty the trough, measure your trough width and select a scraper whose blade will easily fit.