Floor Model Charbroilers

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These floor model charbroilers can help you increase food production quickly and efficiently!

A dependable charbroiler will be one of your most crucial kitchen appliances if you have a menu that emphasizes grilled flavors and seared foods. Similar to outdoor grills, these commercial cookers produce unique flavors by allowing fat to drip off of the meat and onto a hot surface where it vaporizes and rises back up to flavor the food. Steak, grilled chicken, and seared vegetables are just a few of the most well-liked menu items that are prepared with this equipment.

Floor standing charbroilers can efficiently produce higher volumes of delicious foods more quickly than countertop models. These full-size models are perfect for restaurants, stadium concessions, cafeterias, and catering companies.

Heating Sources

When choosing a high production charbroiler, first thing you'll want to know is which heat source you want to use.

  • Lava Rocks -  Collecting grease and continuously evaporating it to flavor food, they can impart deeper flavors and scents than radiant models. Lava rock broilers have the drawback of being more expensive and labor-intensive.
  • Radiants - V-shaped metal pieces are placed directly above the burners to absorb and reflect heat toward the cooking surface. Radiant-powered charbroilers are generally simple to maintain and clean. Available in either stainless steel or cast iron.


Full size grills come available in 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches. Naturally, you should select equipment that will fit with in space you have and be able to prepare the amount you need, but you should also be aware of the equipment clearance requirements. When deciding where to put your new equipment, keep in mind that the majority of it must be installed at least 6 inches from combustible materials on all sides, which may include walls and other cooking equipment.

For smaller, more versatile units, check out our great collection of countertop charbroilers: gas radiant charbroilers, electric radiant charbroilers, and lava rock charbroilers.

Charbroiler Bases

Most of these full sized charbroilers come with open bases and storage shelfs. These are great for organizing cooking tools and keeping them handy, which can save time and expedite the cooking process.

Commercial charbroilers are available with either adjustable stainless steel legs or lockable casters. Choose a unit with casters to make moving the unit easier for kitchen staff. Movable floor models are great for concession stands or catering companies that transport their grills somewhat regularly. Adjustable legs are also a great choice, allowing for units cooking heights to be adjusted up to 6".

No matter what size grill you need, or heating source you prefer, here we have a phenomenal selection of the best floor model charbroilers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Full Size Charbroilers

How often should you replace lava rocks?

Lava rocks quickly become soaked because they readily absorb drippings and grease from foods being cooked. This can lead to flare-ups. Most people who use lava rock grills will swap out their rocks every few weeks, but if you grill frequently or use your charbroiler every day, you might want to swap them out sooner. To make your rocks last a little bit longer, try turning them over occasionally.

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